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AccessJoy’s organic America slippery is a 100% herbal product designed to balance out hormone levels and lubricate the walls of the vagina, thus providing enough wetness/ moisture.

Normally, the vagina lining is lubricated with fluid that helps to kelp it thick and elastic, but when the tissues in the vagina are dry, thin and not well moisturized, vaginal dryness happens which leads to discomfort, especially during sex.

With AccessJoy’s organic America slippery product, you can say NO to difficult penetration and pain during sex , vaginal itching and even yeast infections that come as a result of dryness.

What’s more interesting is that your man can never get enough of you with this product, as the enticing, slippery, juicy and very accommodating nature of your vagina will have him coming back for more!

If you want to keep that man, then this product is definitely for you!

mucilage, Ulmusrubra, pullulan water


Wash hands properly with mild soap and clean water, then carefully Insert a capsule of America organic slippery product into the vagina 15-25mins before sexual intercourse.